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Capture unforgettable memories with our personal all-in-one professional photobooth that ensures you have a great time, one flash at a time.

Our Selfie Booth boasts cutting-edge technology, delivering a modern and entertaining photo booth experience for your guests. They'll delight in sharing awesome pictures, with the added bonus of being able to print them as a cherished keepsake.

Unique photobooth features to satisfy your clients

Green Screen

Elevate your photo booth experience with our fun green screens, allowing your guests to pose in front of various backdrops, including the Eiffel Tower, a fancy awards show, and more!

Skin Smooth Filters

Our beauty filters are designed to make your skin appear smooth and enhance your features for a more youthful appearance. While photos are typically black and white, we offer the option to choose color as well.


As animated GIFs continue to grow in popularity, we offer your guests the option to upload either a still photo or an animated GIF for a fun and personalized touch to their photo booth experience.

Mirror Photo Booth

Transform your selfie booth into a magic mirror in just minutes by replacing the perspex cover with our specially crafted two-way mirror, bringing a touch of magic to your photo booth experience.


Print memories in seconds with the ability to choose from small 2x6 prints to large 6x8 prints, providing your guests with cherished keepsakes to treasure for a lifetime.

Social Sharing

Easily share your photo booth experience with unlimited text and email options, as well as the ability to post pictures directly to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and more!

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